Arbitrage Betting - How to earn money from sure bets?

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Arbitrage definition

The basic definition of arbitration is - "Arbitrage is an activity in which people purchase goods at a lower price from the market and sell it immediately at a higher price." This is the common definition of arbitrage.

Arbitrage bets definition

Arbitrage bets (called sure bets) in the dictionary for sports betting - is the ability to bet that gives you one hundred percent chance of winning. Well, at least in theory. It consists in choosing the right sports events and usually two bookmaker, giving the highest odds for both sports team. After that make a bet on the first player in the first bookie and second bet is for the second player in the second bookmaker (for the football matches have to bet only for two possible output or over / under goals, corners, etc.).. If you choose sporting event and online bookie properly you can allocate your money between bookmakers in the way that you will profit regardless of the result of the sport event.

Find examples of arbitrage bets. There are many different types of arbitrage betting, but the simplest difference is that each can bring different profits.

An example of arbitrage bets

A sporting event is a tennis match between Player A and Player B coefficient of the one of the bookmakers to win Player A - 2.05 and 1.90 to win Player B coefficients in the second bookmaker are 1.80 for Player A and 2 .05 for Player B.
Clearly, without a calculator, if you bet 100 USD on Player A in the first bookmaker and another $ 100 on Player B at the second bookmaker you will earn 205 dollars, regardless of the outcome of the match. This means that your profit will be equal to 5 USD, because you bet 200 USD, and your profit is 205 USD.

Arbitrage betting with equality

Arbitrage bets with equality are similar to arbitrage bets without equality. The difference is that you have to bet on three bookmakers - the first is that has the highest rate for team A, the second, which has the highest odds for equality and the third, which has the biggest coefficient for team B.

Suppose that, play Team A and Team B. In the first bookmaker odds are 1.90 for Team A, 3.45 for equality and 5.3 for Team B. In the second bookmaker odds are 1.72 for Team A, 3, 55 for equality and 5.0 for team B. Finally, in the third bookmaker odds are 1.65 for team A, 3.45 for equality and 5.60 for team B.

How to calculate arbitrage bets

In the example above the biggest odds are: 1.90 for Team A (the first bookmaker), 3.55 for equality (second bookmaker) and 5.60 for the B team (third bookmaker).
Now you have to determine amount with which you will play in our example 100 USD. To determine whether the bet is arbitrage or not, you divide the sum of the coefficients or 100 / 1.90 + 100 / 3.55 + 100 / 5.6 = 98.6577. The result is less than 100, it means that we make arbitrage bet. To determine the profit we subtract bet from the total of all bets or 100-98.6577 = 1.34%

If you want to earn 100 USD, you need to bet on:
100 / 1,90 = 52,63 USD bet at the first bookmaker to Team A
100 / 3,55 = 28,17 USD bet at bookmaker second for equality
100 / 5,60 = 17,86 USD in the second bookmaker bet on Team B

If Team A wins, you will get 52,63 * 1,90 = 99,99 USD in the first bookmaker and losing the other bets. If there is equality you will lose money in the first and third bookmaker, but will earn 100 USD from the second bookmaker. If team B wins, you lose at the first and second bookmaker, but will earn 17,86 * 5,60 = 100,02 USD in the third bookmaker. Regardless of the result you win - 1,34 USD profit!

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