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Gambling online
Whether you love to gamble online or to play on online roulette, video poker, baccarat and slot machines, there are ways to go, a winner! As long as you wish, when you play in online casino use betting system.

There are hundreds of online casinos and they all compete for the money of the players.
For this reason, they offer great bonuses for new players in order to attract as many as possible new customers. The bonus for new clients can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the initial deposit. But for the best online casino bonus is 100% of the initial deposit. For example, you deposit $ 200, then the online casino will add $ 200 to your account. You will bet with $ 400.

Great, $ 200 deposit, online casino makes them $ 400 and you withdraw $ 200, but there is one small catch, many online casinos have a requirement to place bets amounting to 25x (in some casinos, 888., mansion requirement is 8x, 10x and 10x) the amount of the bonus or in our example 25 x 200 = $ 5,000 in bets!

Casinos hope that when the players meet the requirement of bet, they will lose their initial deposit and bonus in an effort to cover 25x bets in order to withdraw their money. So if you want to quickly meet the requirements with minimal losses must use the system.

Using systems for online betting - Martingale system, Fibonacci betting system, Labouchere system, you can very easily crush the requirements because these systems for online betting guarantee if not profits, at least minimal losses fulfilling our requirements. These systems provide very minimal advantage of online casino:

- Martingale system - 1.54%
- Fibonacci System - 0.67%
- Labouchere system - 0.81%

Assuming that you start to bet on online roulette and bets are $ 5 and losses are 0.67% if you use Fibonacci system, you need to make 1000 bets to cover the requirement for bet. Or of every $ 5 you lose $ 0.0335, $ 33.50, so in the end you can withdraw 400 - 33.50 = $ 366.50 and you have a net profit of $ 166.50. If you use any of the online casinos with a lower requirement for bet, you will not only increase revenue, but will guarantee small chance of lose.

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Betting online